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At last we did it! 2nd place at the North West Area in Blackpool playing First Suite in Eb.

Everyone played their part, all the soloists were fantastic, and I suppose Dean was alright as well!

All the hard work finally paid off and everyone had a brilliant weekend.

The well deserved 2nd place also guarantees Uppermill Band a position in the 2nd Section from next season and a trip to Cheltenham for the 3rd Section National Finals in September.

What a team! North West Area 3rd Section Percussion CHAMPIONS!


Many many congratulations to Jenny, Andrew and Katie, with or without gloves…


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Remembrance Sunday, 100 Year Anniversary


This years Remembrance Sunday Parade at Holy Trinity Church (Bardsley) was a very damp but poignant morning, commemorating 100 years since the end of World War I. A very moving Last Post was played by Lesley Lewis – well done.

There was a great turnout despite the bad weather – thank you everybody.

WE WILL REMEMBER jw1210-textured-poppy-brooch-front_1

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After a long and successful but frustrating contesting season, Uppermill band finally got the result they deserved at Yorkshire and Humberside Contest 2018.

Overall 3/4th section winners and 3rd section winners


Best soloist (Sarah Hudson)                      Best conductor (Dean Redfern)

BEST SOLOIST, BEST CONDUCTOR, TOP 3RD SECTION, BEST OVERALL                                45487215_10157096531703311_7391079253976023040_n

Massive congratulations to the whole band.
BRING ON 2019!!



A resurrection of Napoleon on the Alps brought more success to Uppermill Band at Rochdale Contest. A fantastic performance earned us 2nd place in the 3rd section.

3rd place at the Area, Blackpool, Feb 2018
2nd place at Rochdale, October 2018…..




Uppermill  Band had another successful weekend  once again bringing home the silverware. Hebden  Bridge Contest  was first  on the agenda marching off 3rd out of a field of 12.  When the results were announced later in the day the Band had been awarded the prize for  Best in Section and 6th Overall.  The Bands inaugural visit to the Morley contest  brought further success when the Band was awarded  prizes for Best Hymn Tune of the day, Best in Section and 4th overall out of a field of 11.

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                                                   JOB DONE !!

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Uppermill Band had a very successful day in the beautiful surroundings of Ripon Cathedral. It was the first time the Band had entered the Contest and the excellent preparation and execution of the chosen programme resulted in the Band being awarded no less than 4 trophies. These included:- Overall runner up. Most Entertaining Band,  Best March and last but not least our Principal Cornet Player Sarah Hudson was adjudged to be the Best Soloist of the Day




Once again the talking point on Whit Friday was the weather. Another wet and windy start to the day for the Processions of Witness with the rain continuing well into the evening. Sunshine for several days before and several days after!!

The weather didn’t deter Uppermill Band from leading Uppermill Methodist and Ebeneezer Church congregations who showed their usual  commitment in true Saddleworth tradition by participating in the Processions.

All connected with the Band thoroughly enjoyed being part of the tradition despite the weather. 

After a short respite the Players boarded the coach and headed off to our first contest starting at Greenfield. This was the start of a very enjoyable and successful evening contesting when we managed to get around Saddleworth with surprising ease and completed 9 contests gaining  a total of  8 prizes from 9 contests.       

These were:-

Delph                   Best 3rd Section (joint)                            26/79 Bands

Diggle                   Best   3rd Section                                      13/53 Bands

Friezland             Overall Winner                                          1/45 Bands

Grotton                Best 3rd Section & Best Local               12/48 Bands

Greenfield           Best 3rd Section                                       20/71 Bands

Scouthead            Best 3rd Section                                     17/67 Bands

Uppermill            Local Deportment                                 16/52 Bands                          

Having been out and about from 8am in the morning,  at 11:15pm we finally  made our way back to our headquarters at Saddleworth CBT  for a well   deserved  drink and supper where we were once again joined by our welcome guests from the Longridge Band                                                 .




     whit Sunday5             WS 7             WS 9


Uppermill Band were pleased to provide the music for the Whit Sunday march through Lees again this year. The sun shone, the temperature rose and the Band Sergeant gave the direction to remove jackets and play in shirt sleeves!

Departing from St John’s Church,   Hey the Band led the congregation through Lees stopping at different locations to share hymns with the community. A joint service was held at St Thomas’s Church Lees,  after which the massed congregations processed to Lees Library to give a hearty rendition of “Thine be the Glory”.

Uppermill  Band then  led the march back to St John’s Church.

  whit Sunday 4



IMG_3865 (2)


Members of Uppermill Band were joined at Saddleworth Cricket Club by family and friends to celebrate another successful year and to present the 21st Annual Band Awards.

The evening, organised by Sarah Jane Greenwood and Katie Woodward, started with a delicious meal provided by Little Deerhill Caterers The tables decorated with balloons and musical confetti and the decorations in the club room provided the perfect setting for the dinner.

The Band’s Musical Director, Dean Redfern, spoke of the positive team spirit within the band and the successes during the past year. He congratulated everyone involved with Uppermill Band and recognised that whilst the nature of the evening was to present individual awards it was vital to acknowledge that Uppermill Band is a strong team.

It was in that spirit that the Section of the Year award was presented to the Band Committee, who work tirelessly to ensure the Band runs smoothly. This award was accepted by members of the current committee elected at the recent AGM and committee members from the previous year.

Dean then went on to present awards to band members, explaining the reasons for his decisions

Musical Director’s Awards 2017 – 18

Admired Player of the Year                                        Lesley Lewis

Esteemed Player of the Year                                      Paul Applegarth

Respected Player of the Year                                     John Whittle

Valued Player of the Year                                           Katie Louise Woodward

Musical Director’s Player of the Year                       Sarah Hudson

Musical Director’s Bandsman of the Year               Rick Hall

Musical Director’s Section on the Year                   The Committee

The Band’s Chairman, John Ward, thanked Dean for his hard work and commitment throughout the year. John then presented awards that had been voted for by different groups within the Uppermill Band family.

IMG_3864       IMG_3851     IMG_3852

             IMG_3853                 IMG_3854


Players’ Player of the Year – (voted for by all the players)

  1. Lesley Lewis                       Assistant Principal Cornet
  2. John Whittle                       Flugel
  3. Davina Holt                         Euphonium

IMG_3857       IMG_3856       IMG_3855

Bandsman of the Year – (voted for by players and Committee)

  1. Katie Louise Woodward                                  Percussion
  2. Louise Kershaw                                                Horn
  3. Sarah Jane Greenwood                                   Cornet

IMG_3860           IMG_3859                         IMG_3858

In presenting the Meritorious Service Award (Voted for by the Committee) to Denise Gillespie John recognised her contribution to the band particularly in her role as Secretary. He felt Dean was grateful that Denise had ensured the band had never been drawn Number 1 in a contest! Denise received the Marjorie Fielding Trophy.

The evening was enjoyed by all and was a fitting celebration of another successful year for Uppermill Band.         IMG_3861



Uppermill Band had plenty to celebrate during the Summer break


Andrew Woodward & Katie Ward both percussionists with the  Band were married at St Anne’s Church Lydgate followed by a reception in the Oak Room and Pavillion at the White Hart Hotel, Lydgate.



Howard Taylor,   tuba  player with the Band and current holder of the Band’s Meritorious Service Award, married Elaine Grace at Rochdale Town Hall followed by a reception at The Willow Room at Littleborough Cricket Club.  

All at Uppermill Band and their families and friends wish  them  all a healthy and happy future together. 




IMG_2544Sunshine and showers dominated the Processions of Witness on  Whit Friday  morning but  this did not overshadow the bands and congregations  showing  commitment in true  Saddleworth tradition by their participation in the Processions.  Uppermill Band turned out in force being led by 8 trombones!! , a sight to behold and a sound second to none!  

All  Players and Committee thoroughly enjoyed being part of the tradition and the inevitable  meeting of old friends and aquaintances  that this event provides.After a short respite the  Band regrouped close to the Bandroom and it was on the coach and off to our first planned venue for the start of the evening Contests. This was the start of a very enjoyable and successful evening contesting when we managed to get around Saddleworth with surprising ease and completed 9 contests gaining  5 prizes in the process.       

These were:-

Denshaw               1st Local                           10/59 Bands

Diggle                     1st Local                           16/58 Bands

Grotton                  2nd Local                         14/47 Bands

Scouthead             1st Saddleworth            21/69 Bands

Uppermill              1st Saddleworth            19/51  Bands

Some of these results also equate to a top  3  placing in the 2nd Section.

Having been out and about from 8am in the morning,  at 11:30pm we.   finally  made our way back to our headquarters at Saddleworth CBT  for a well   deserved  drink and supper where we were joined by our      welcome guests from the Longridge Band                                                 .                                                                                           



IMG_2473A memorable  evening was enjoyed  by  members of Uppermill Band  and Friends on the occasion of the  Band Meal and Annual  Awards  Presentation held on the 8th May.   Presentations were made to the  deserved  recipients and on this occasion special   ‘Platinum Awards of Honour’ in recognition of 70 years  Service to the Brass Band movement,  proposed by Uppermill Band members and awarded by  NWABBA, were  also presented.  The recipients of these Awards were Anne Dorman, Brian Jenkins and  Brian Gledhill  who , between them, have a total in excess of 214 years committed service.

             The Award Winners for 2016/17 were :-

Most Improved Player         –                    Davina Holt 

Players Player                        –                    Gemma McKee 

Bandsperson                          –                    Davina Holt 

                       Musical Directors Merit Awards

Sarah Jane Greenwood                              Steve Hall    

Louise Kershaw                                           David Mansfield 

On this occasion, the Lorelei Cup  was presented  to John & Jenny Ward by Musical Director Dean Redfern.   Their support and commitment to  both himself and to the Band being recognised by him  during his first 12 months tenure as MD.  This was  wholeheartedly endorsed  by  all  members having made  personal donations  towards a further presentation to them  of a voucher for a week-end away in North Yorkshire. 

                  Meritorious Service Award ( The Marjory Fielding Trophy)

                                                           Howard Taylor